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Delta Installation Group was founded in 1988. We are a full service office furniture installation company, primarily serving clients in the greater Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area. In addition, Delta has the experience and capability to compete projects throughout the United States and on a worldwide level. Our office and warehouse facility is located in Hanover, Maryland, just a few miles from BWI Airport in the Baltimore-Washington corridor.

The original basis for the formation of Delta was to provide furniture related services to a local federal government agency. This project required a combination of cleared and non-cleared personnel working after hours, evenings and weekends. The agency’s logistics required multiple crews working simultaneously in different locations. Delta has installed and reconfigured an estimated 35,000 work stations over our 30 year history with this agency.

In 1990, we expanded the business into the commercial sector. Over the years, we have added the ability to provide receiving, delivery, and installation services. We have completed projects for most of the major furniture dealers throughout the Baltimore/Washington area. Through these dealers, we service large and small commercial clients as well as many local, state, and federal government agencies. We also provide storage and inventory management services in our 165,000 square foot warehouse facility

Delta opened a partner company, Omega Trading Company, in 1993. Omega provides furniture refurbishing services to all of our clients. The Omega facility warehouses used and refurbished furniture for resale or rental purposes. They also provide the capability to repaint and apply new fabric on the clients existing systems furniture. Omega also has an in-house wood shop that manufactures custom laminate surfaces and tables.

Helping the Environment

Delta Installation Group is dedicated to doing everything we can to minimize additions to the solid waste stream. Office Furniture generates a massive amount of excess material. Your new furniture is shipped from the factory encased in styrofoam and plastic cushioning material, packed in cardboard boxes secured with metal or plastic straps, and transported on wooden pallets. This is all necessary to protect the glass, metal, and wood finished that make your new furniture look so good. Naturally, none of this material stays in your office after the furniture is delivered and installed.

In the “old days”, all of this “trash” was just disposed of in land fills or incinerators. Neither alternative was kind to our environment. Today, we “Repurpose – Reuse – Recycle – Refinish – Restore” whenever possible. Delta purchased our first cardboard baler over 20 years ago. We have programs in place with local recycling companies to accept any materials that we cannot use in our own operations. Delta recycles about 300 tons of cardboard, plastic, and styrofoam every year through these programs. In addition, about 100 tons of aluminum, steel, and other metal from old furniture that cannot be refurbished or reused is also collected and delivered to a local recycling plant from our warehouse each year. Delivery pallets are reused in our warehouse operations or recycled when no longer in useable condition.

Omega Trading Company recycles and restores old Haworth systems furniture for resale. Starting with old, worn out panels that would otherwise be thrown away, Omega completely disassembles all furniture components. All the parts are inspected, cleaned, repaired or replaced if needed, then reassembled and refinished to “like-new” condition. Remanufactured workstations keep about 80% of the original furniture in use. We recycle any materials that we can and use environmentally-friendly paint and fabric in the remanufacturing process. We use the old fabric as packing material.

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