Is your current lease now up? Are you moving out of your current office space or downsizing your office? Did you decide to move to a smaller space because many of your employees now work from home part of the time? Now you’re stuck with all of this excess furniture, and little to no storage, so what can you do? You would be surprised at how much office furniture our storage spaces can hold!

Save yourself the hassle of trying to move, store, advertise, and sell surplus office furniture on your own. Delta can help you decommission your furniture quickly and successfully!

Our trusted professionals will help you with the decommissioning of some or all of your current office furniture so you can have a fresh start – or just more space! We can make the entire decommissioning process painless and speedy – no need to struggle to pull together all of the pieces alone. Delta has the warehouse space, personnel, and processes in place to manage the entire decommissioning process, from disassembly and pick up, to storage, to sale and delivery to the purchaser. If we find that the furniture is not able to be sold for some reason, we will manage its disposal or recycling through environmentally-friendly processes.

Our Services Include:

  • Precise excess furniture dismantling or disassembly
  • Conduct a detailed evaluation of the condition of the office furnishings
  • Create a thorough inventory (photo inventory if desired) of all of your furniture pieces
  • Carefully pack and transport any furniture to be decommissioned
  • Storage and Inventory Management at our climate-controlled warehouse facility in Hanover, MD
  • Contact nationwide furniture brokers to facilitate the sale of your excess office furniture (we know all the best people!)
  • Final clean-up of the vacated office space

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