Tear Down & Disposal

It doesn’t happen every day, but at some point during your company’s lifetime, there will probably be a need to tear down office furniture that is no longer needed. Maybe you are moving to a new office building, and have decided to upgrade all of your office furniture in the process. Your old landlord wants the space clean and clear before you leave. Maybe you are upgrading your existing furniture because your current desks are not functional anymore. Maybe you have decided to downsize the office and tear down furniture due to economic conditions. What do you do?

Do you have the time or personnel to disassemble, move, advertise, and sell your old office furniture piece by piece? Do you have the room to store excess furniture in your office?

Delta can assist you with all of these scenarios and more. If you think that you may use the furniture again at some point in the future, we can disassemble it, pack and wrap it on pallets, and store it in our warehouse for you. Delta has the space, equipment, personnel, and systems to manage your excess furniture inventory. If you have no future need for the furniture and it is still in good condition, we can assist you with finding a buyer or possibly a charity that accepts donations. If the furniture is past it’s useful life, Delta can dispose of it using environmentally friendly methods through our recycling programs.

Our Services Include:

  • Disassembling or dismantling of all excess furniture
  • Storage and Inventory Management at our warehouse facility
  • Evaluate the current condition of your furniture
  • Advise you on any possible residual value or disposal costs involved
  • Create a full inventory of your excess office furnishings
  • Contact nationwide furniture brokers to assist in the sale of your furniture
  • Create a photo inventory if desired for later use
  • Final cleanup of office space you are vacating
  • Careful protection, packing, and transportation of furniture not scheduled for disposal

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